The Concept : transFORMed

“It really doesn’t matter who I used to be.  All that matters is what I have become.”

 My life and art - all about transformation. You can read a bit about my history in my artist statement...and here, you can understand my concept of being transFORMed.

Sparked by the encounter of found objects, Julie Levine re-purposes everything from discarded car parts and broken musical instruments, to unwanted old cell phones and toilet seats in creating her artwork.  Her mixed media pieces are more like wall sculptures, as she combines acrylic paints and oils to the surfaces of each form in numerous dimensions.  Playing with texture in layers, shadows of color and patterns, each composition is transFORMed from trash to treasure.  The works are fun, not only for the artist - but for the you try to identify the objects used in each transformation.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art education from the Hartford Art School and University of Hartford, Julie has become recognized in the international art world.  Having had her work featured in galleries from Paris, France to Washington, DC, as well as projected on a building’s façade in Times Square (2014) – her form of recycling is a credit to the art world. Julie has had her work exhibited in numerous juried shows throughout the United States. Several award winning pieces have been featured in New York City galleries such as Soho20 and the Ceres Gallery, where she continues to exhibit her work.  With accolades for her work, from the publication world, in 2013, Julie received an award from “The Professional Artist Magazine.”

Her works are in the collections of prominent art collectors as well as in the permanent collections of institutions such as Overlook Hospital (Summit, NJ) and the Katonah Museum of Art (Katonah, NY).

A special note from the artist:

"Never forget your capacity to overcome, to endure, and to literally become transFORMed from all that comes your way in life."