Artist Statement


Freedom of expression….it is as vital to life as the air we breathe.   

Neighbors in the Hood 25x25" mixed media

I have learned to treasure all forms of expression – and my art is my voice.  I was a victim of domestic violence and was not permitted to express myself for two decades.  I was not allowed to own a paintbrush.  I was prohibited from standing before an easel.

After graduating from the Hartford Art School in 1978 with a B.F.A. in Art Education, I ended up in an abusive relationship for many years - and my art was strictly forbidden. That period of my life has come to an end. In 2008, I returned to my passion with a uniquely revitalized message and meaning. I now have a voice.  The voice of a survivor.  A voice that hopes to tell everyone that no one should ever take away our freedom of expression.  I have come “full circle” – back to my art.

And what better way to exhibit expression than with faces!  Sparked by the encounter of a found object, my artwork is all about “Facialations” – a term I coined regarding the creation of faces where there once were none.  I “see” faces everywhere and in everything!  It is as though the world presents pieces of a puzzle to me, and the path leads to my creations of characters.

My work consists of facial features created from found objects, in shadows of color and form…on wooden boards, or customized papers…with various layers and dimensions.  Acrylic paints, as well as oils and pastel crayons, enhance the images of each composition.  No two faces are ever alike.  You will see unusual objects incorporated into the images – of faces.  Each piece is a challenge I must solve,  like pieces to a puzzle. The facial form in composition is the finished work.  And please, notice that each character that comes to life has a mouth wide open –

My voice is always there.

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